Crowdcapping is the term used to describe Big Data's foray into the field of sports gambling! Here is a simple answer to the complicated question "What is Crowdcapping, and why is it scaring bookmakers and sportsbooks all over the world?"

The two charts above represent how a group of sportsbettors stand after two weeks of action and then after twenty weeks of action. As you can see in the first chart, the majority of the players fall in the mean range of 45% to 55%, but a rather large number are also outside the mean, winning or losing at clips of 70% or higher! The Chart to the right shows where this same group of players will be after playing twenty weeks of action. As you see over time, everyone comes back to the mean, from 45% to 55%.

The point spread makes every game pretty much a toss-up, and over a period of time 98% of sports bettors are going to be around the 50% level in the long run. Bookmakers and Sportsbooks depend on that to make their profits. This has served them well over decades, when at the end of the year, everybody is around 50% the book will take to the bank its 4.7% Vig on every bet made over the course of the year. It makes for a very successful business model.

Then along came the Big Data models and Crowdcapping to use that very same, every game is a coin flip, against the Sportsbooks, and there are people who are getting rich, very rich!


This chart looks at any short term part of a season, where you see a group of these sportsbettors, deviating from the mean in both directions. Some are winning a higher percentage than the can maintain over the long run, others are losing at a higher percentage than they can maintain over the long run.

We call those sportsbettors OUTLIERS. they are simply a group of sportsbettors out of a large group who are either out-performing or under-peforming what history and math tell us their long term results can possibly be.

Crowdcapping identifies these OUTLIERS, and uses algorithms to find the consensus selections of both the winners and the losers in this group. Then they simply bet against the players that are performing higher than the eventual mean, and bet with players who are performing well below the eventual mean.

No other player on this chart means anything in Crowdcapping. They simply identify the OUTLIERS, and either ride them back down toward the mean, betting against them, or in the other case, ride them back up by betting on their consensus plays. Both those winning and losing outside the mean are equally valuable to Crowdcapping.

Understand also, that in these charts we are looking at a couple of hundred players, maybe one bookmakers clients, Crowdcapping is looking at thousands of players. Those huge numbers are what makes Big Data pay off in almost all fields, including sportsbetting.

Its better than the stock market, it's better than precious metals, it better than Bitcoin. It has already changed the way bookmakers think in Europe, and it is going to change bookmaking in America, as more people take advantage of what it offers.

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